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Living Computers May 02, 2016
Living Computers
Erasing the line between biology and technology.
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ENCORE  It’s the most dramatic technical development of recent times: Teams of people working for decades to produce a slow-motion revolution we call computing.

Skeptic Check: Your Inner Lab Coat Apr 25, 2016
Skeptic Check: Your Inner Lab Coat
Think like a scientist.
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ENCORE  Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have a science degree, yet he thinks rationally – like a scientist. You can too! Learn the secrets of being irritatingly logical from the most famous sleuth on Baker Street.

Moving Right Along Apr 18, 2016
Moving Right Along
The universe in motion.
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ENCORE  You think your life is fast-paced, but have you ever seen a bacterium swim across your countertop? You’d be surprised how fast they can move.

Find out why modeling the swirl of hurricanes takes a roomful of mathematicians and supercomputers, and how galaxies can move away from us faster than the speed of light.

Surfeit of the Vitalist Apr 11, 2016
Surfeit of the Vitalest
The diversity of evolution.
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ENCORE  In the century and a half since Charles Darwin wrote his seminal On the Origin of the Species, our understanding of evolution has changed quite a bit. For one, we have not only identified the inheritance molecule DNA, but have determined its sequence in many animals and plants.

Tale of the Distribution Apr 04, 2016
Tale of the Distribution
The influence of extreme events.
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ENCORE  We all have at least some musical talent. But very few of us can play the piano like Vladimir Horowitz. His talent was rarefied, and at the tail end of the bell curve of musical ability – that tiny sliver of the distribution where you find the true outliers.